A variety of tools make practice effective, fun and relevant


Store and share external content,
images, video and other resources


Track student progress
via the Markbook

Offline Solution
Offline Solution

Download your study materials
through the app


Tools and functionalities for teachers and students

  • Test Manager

    • Create and personalize tests

  • Markbook

    • Track student progress and view reports

  • Assignments

    • Assign units and activities

  • Class Library

    • Store and share your content

  • Offline Solution

    • Download study materials and sync your scores

  • Communication

    • Share images, video and other resources

New version 37.0.2 (22/Sep/2022)
Available to download from
Also available on Google Play® and App Store®


What parents, teachers and students say about our platform


"The Richmond Learning Platform allows me to offer my students better support outside the classroom, because I can personalize their homework by assigning them specific activities on the areas they need to improve. I can also share my own activities with my students, and give them individual feedback."

Teacher - Argentina

"With the Richmond Learning Platform I can do my homework or practice everything I've studied in class on my own, wherever I am. I really like the activities in which I record myself and sharing my ideas with my teacher and classmates in the Forum."

Student - Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

"With the Richmond Learning Platform, I can help my children practice what they study at school. I can also follow their progress and help them do their homework in a fun and dynamic way."

Parent - Mexico

System Requirements

Adobe Acrobat Reader software might be needed to view PDF documents. Cookies must be enabled to obtain the best user experience. A browser’s integrated audio/video player, like QuickTime Player in the case of Mac OSX, is required to be installed and enabled in order to view such media files.


● Windows 10 or newer
● Firefox latest versions
● Google Chrome latest versions
● Edge lastest version

Desktop / Laptop system with a minimum of 4 GB RAM

Android 8 tablets, latest Chrome


● Mac OS X 10.13.6 or newer
● Safari latest versions
● Firefox latest versions
● Google Chrome latest versions
● Edge latest versions

Desktop / Laptop system with a minimum of 4 GB RAM

iOS 12.4 or higher tablets, latest Safari

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